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We don’t do FMCG, we don’t do shops.  At Doulos Foods, we do partnerships.

Doulos Food has extensive experience in Private or ‘White’ Label development in leading edge flavour and packaging innovation and category invention.

Supa Power Instant Mageu

Leader in innovative product development in food and beverage industry

While most food production companies target FMCG, Doulos Foods, the global leading producer of instant Mageu thinks outside the supermarket.

We offer end-to-end product development and production for foods and beverages, to take your concept from the cutting floor to the shop front.

Our offering


Recipe and Formula

Product Development

Raw materials supply chain


Labelling Advice and Design

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Through research, development and manufacturing, combined with our ethos of excellence, we work with companies and individuals to build lifelong connections in the food and beverages industry.

Our range include

Instant Mageu


Ice tea - fortified

Liquid Mageu

Home brew beer

Meal replacements



And MUCH more!


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